August 9, 2017

About the joint Southern California Edison (SCE) and Torrance Refining Company LLC (TORC) Torrance Refinery Proposed Electrical Reliability Improvement Project:

  • The proposed project will be built to meet California Electrical Code and Industry Standards.
  • The proposed project will address SCE’s electrical reliability supply issues to the Refinery by providing a dedicated 220 kilovolt (kV) power supply.
  • The proposed project will include:
    • A new 220 kilovolt (kV) Switching Station will be constructed to supply 220 kV power to the Refinery.
    • The Switching Station will be built on adjacent Refinery property. The Switching Station will connect to existing SCE 220 kV transmission lines to the Refinery by way of fully redundant conductors enclosed within underground concrete-protected duct banks.
    • New redundant power transformers and a new Main Substation will be constructed within the Refinery to step down the voltage from 220 to 35 kV. This Main Substation, along with a new 35 kV Satellite Substation, will supply Refinery power demands to support safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible operations.
  • The Refinery has received a permit to construct from City of Torrance for the foundation and structure for the new 220 kV Switching Station.
  • Representatives of TORC, SCE, SCAQMD, and the City of Torrance have met with the President of the California Public Utilities Commission to provide an overview of the proposed project.
  • Project permitting, approvals, and construction details are currently being reviewed and finalized.