Alkylation Safety & the Production of Cleaner Gasoline

Alkylate is critical to making clean, low-emission gasoline. Hydrofluoric (HF) acid is one of two primary catalysts used to make alkylate. When it comes to using HF, refiners take major precautions and employ prevention, detection and containment strategies to keep their workforces and communities safe. Tim Shepperd, an expert in alkylation safety with more than 30 years of refining industry experience gives an on-the-ground look at HF alkylation. Using live and modeled footage, he walks through the layers of safety systems and risk mitigation protocols facilities use to protect workers, their neighbors and the environment. For more information about alkylation safety, please visit

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Torrance Refinery Welcomes New Refinery Manager

December 19th, 2022|

In September, Torrance Refinery welcomed a new Refinery Manager Sara Wilson. She has since spent a lot of time getting to know her team of employees, refinery operations and the Torrance community. When asked about her first impressions of her [...]