Refinery’s Voluntary Safety Enhancements Projects Completed and Operational

The following is a status update of the voluntary safety enhancement projects the Torrance Refining has completed on its Alkylation Unit in cooperation with local, state and federal agencies.

California residents live in a state with the strictest environmental regulations, yet they still enjoy freedom to drive where they want, when they want, and in the vehicles of their choice with the reassurance their local refineries produce the world’s cleanest-burning gasoline using process called alkylation. The unique, cleaner-burning gasoline mandated to be sold in California requires a high-octane component called alkylate to comply with the most stringent tailpipe emissions in the world. Continue reading…

MHF Alkylation in Petroleum Refining

Setting The Record Straight

Jeff Dill – Our Priorities

Tim Shepperd – Why MHF Works

Marie Wright – Examples

Jatin Shah – Risk Management

Curt Lawrence – Safety Systems

Question and Answer