Torrance Refinery Hosts UCLA Health Blood Drive

Statistics show that every drop of blood donated makes a difference in someone’s life. Do you know that:

1. Approximately one pint of blood is collected during a blood donation

2. According to the American Red Cross, someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds

3. One pint of blood can save up to three lives.

On September 15th, Torrance Refinery employees rolled up their sleeves to support the UCLA Health blood drive to replenish the region’s blood banks. Refinery employees have been supporting these blood drives for many years, knowing their donations provide critical supplies of blood for patients.

During these challenging times marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, donations to UCLA Health’s blood collections have decreased by 30 percent, leading to an extraordinarily critical shortage. With this in mind, refinery employee Wilfredo Solis volunteered to donate, noting, “Giving blood feels gratifying, to be able to help others in need, especially now when we hear so much about loss of life in the news.”

Human Resources Advisor Emily Ortega shared, “I have been hearing about the shortage and I usually try to give blood every year. I am glad that the Refinery hosted a drive onsite to make it easy for our employees to help.”

If the statistics are correct, the 32 pints of blood Torrance Refinery employees and contractors donated equates to saving as many as 96 lives. The blood will go toward supporting the first-responders and front-liners helping those who need it.

For more information on how to give someone the gift of life by donating blood, please visit the UCLA Health Blood Center website.