Torrance Refinery (Refinery) is inspiring the next generation of engineers. This summer, college student and Torrance resident Hana Escovar was hired to work on special projects in the Refinery’s Electrical Reliability and Health, Safety and Environmental Departments.

Hana recalled the first time she was exposed to the Refinery when she attended an “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” event hosted by Refinery women engineers when she was in middle school, where she learned to build a motor with the Refinery’s electrical engineering mentors. That early exposure to professional engineers helped Hana determine her career path in life.

Since then, she has explored different branches of science and math, and also participated in volunteer and tutoring programs to help encourage more kids to pursue their interest in math, science, and coding. “While working at the Refinery, I had the opportunity to see and learn more deeply about some of the things I’ve only read about in university,” said Hana.

Hana is studying environmental engineering at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, and will graduate in May 2022. She’s explored many topics in the Environmental and Reliability Engineering Departments, including water, solid and hazardous waste management.

“The people I’ve met here at the Refinery have been like a family to me. My boss Daod has made sure that I’m always busy and my co-workers Edwin and Eric always try to take me out to the field so I can learn more about refining processes,” she noted.

After her work experience this summer, Hana said she’s now interested in the refining industry too.

Best of luck in your last year of studies Hana. Stay safe and well, and we hope to see you back in Torrance soon!