Chef Michael Shafer is well-known in the South Bay community, equally for his skills cooking up a delicious meal and for gathering people together to support local nonprofits. In October, a group of colorful characters came together for Chef Shafer’s Halloween Ball to benefit the Torrance Police Foundation.

From young wizards, to television characters such as Progressive’s Flo, skeletons and Danny Zukko’s Rydell High Crew, community members dressed in costumes came together to enjoy some of Chef Shafer’s delicious treats while raising funds for TPF, which supports the Torrance Police Department (TPD). Through its initiatives, TPF provides resources and support to TPD to aid the city’s first-responders in their mission of keeping a high level of public safety in Torrance. Torrance Refining Company sponsored the event to help support public safety and training opportunities.

Money raised will help fund projects that can enhance TPD’s capabilities in protecting community members, such as purchasing drones and officer training to use them in situations such as locating missing persons, crime scene photography and search and rescue operations. TPF also funds K-9 training, sometimes held at the Torrance Refinery’s Pegasus Park, which is another way for the Refinery to support TPD.

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