Once again Torrance Refining Company (TORC) employees stepped up to raise funds to support the United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ (UWGLA) WalkUnitedLA initiative to end homelessness in the County. Although the last two years have been challenging for employees in the Refining industry, we feel there’s always something more we can do to help others who are struggling in our community.

Torrance Refinery has supported the annual fundraiser since its inception. As an event sponsor, TORC employees were the 9th highest fundraiser of the 150 teams that participated, bringing in $6,742 to help the organization continue its vital work to end homelessness. United Way focuses on the root cause of homelessness – equal access to education, affordable housing, and economic mobility for the less fortunate. Together with other supporters, such as the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and Margie & Robert E. Petersen Foundation, which matched funds, the event raised more than $800,000.

Valerie Tse, Refinery environmental supervisor, and a longtime UWGLA supporter attended the event with her family. “I believe in the programs that United Way supports. They understand that the key to eliminating an issue is to get to the root cause – similar to how we work in refining operations.”

“How amazing would it be to be able to help someone become a productive member of society? I’m happy to help because I feel very blessed to be in my position, and I know every little bit counts,” she said.

UWGLA is a leader in developing bold solutions to address the critical issue of homelessness in Los Angeles County; Torrance Refinery is proud to be a long-standing partner. We recognize that helping our must vulnerable neighbors takes everyone working together, so please visit https://www.unitedwayla.org/en/our-work/ to learn more about the positive impact events such as WalkUnitedLA and other UWGLA initiatives are making.