Gratitude comes in different forms. To celebrate Military Appreciation Month in May, Torrance Refinery employees partnered with South Bay Sunrise Rotary Club to host a Spring drive to support incoming families at Camp Pendleton. To show their gratitude for those serving in our nation’s Armed Forces, employees donated diapers, clothes, baby shower tubs, furniture, books and a myriad of household items.

Refinery employee and military veteran Larry Steiner recalls, “People are unaware of the struggles that military families experience. For example, when they move to base camps such as Camp Pendleton, they usually only bring what they can fit in their suitcase and live on a very low income to support their families.”

The refinery’s Spring Drive helps fill the “Warrior Warehouse,” where Camp Pendleton families can pick what they need to furnish their apartment, set up a kitchen, or care for the daily well-being of their young children. More than 70,000 Marines and almost ten thousand children under the age of five years old live at the base. Additionally, more than 160 babies are born on the base each month – one can only imagine how many diapers are changed every day.


Steiner explains, “Having experienced the service and knowing other friends and families whose son/daughter serve in the military, I am glad to have this opportunity to give back, help and show our appreciation for the sacrifices made by family members of those on active duty. We tend to focus on the men and women who serve, but their families also make tremendous sacrifices and need our support.”

The desire to support translated into generosity from many Refinery employees whose donations almost filled an entire U-Haul truck. David Henseler, a member of Rotary Club with whom Torrance Refinery partners, shared, “It’s been great to see such generosity. Thank you to all the Torrance Refinery employees for all the items they donated. Last year alone, our drive helped more than 11,000 families and without a doubt, this collection continues that tradition of helping military families meet their needs. Thank you.”

The Rotary holds collections for the Warrior Warehouse quarterly. To make a donation or for more information, please contact South Bay Sunrise Rotary Club member David Henseler at 310.753.0929 or