Did you know that the Torrance Refinery…

  • Started operations in the city of Torrance in 1929 – we turn 90 next year!
  • Provides 20 percent of the gasoline used by Southern California motorists
  • Provides a very significant amount of the jet and marine diesel fuels used at Los Angeles International Airport and the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
  • Creates jobs for nearly 1,000 workers and contractors
  • Has a job multiplier of 15! This means that for every one job supplied by the refinery, there are 15 others supported throughout California
  • Donated over $400,000 to local nonprofits and schools in 2017
  • Has partnered with the City of Torrance and the Torrance Unified School District for 28 years on a summer jobs program that has provided real-world work experiences for 970 Torrance students, donating over $2 million to support the program
  • Has a robust employee volunteer program: each year, Torrance Refinery employee volunteers provide hundreds of hours of community service locally.

Check out our Torrance Refinery Fact sheet to learn more!