Dear community partners and neighborhood friends,

As a new California resident and in my position as Refinery Manager for the past four months, I am happy to share how impressed I am with my experiences in Torrance and the South Bay community. Thank you for your warm welcome!

I am also very impressed with our Refinery team and their commitment to continuously improve and operate our facilities in a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible manner, while also volunteering in the community contributing their time and talent to be socially responsible.

This year, although we were still working through the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on our company, we were fortunate to celebrate some significant successes. Anyone who knows the Torrance Refinery knows safety is at the heart of everything we do. I’m pleased to say, in 2022, we achieved our third year without a major process safety event. This year, we invested significantly on capital and maintenance projects to ensure mechanical reliability and compliance with agency regulations. We completed some major project work installing equipment to further reduce refinery emissions, and we also completed Turnaround maintenance activities throughout the year to upgrade and fix equipment to ensure safe and reliable operations. I’m happy to share our Refinery was the recipient in March of a Reliability Culture Improvement Award from the University of Tennessee.

We welcomed 80 new employees to the Torrance Refining family. About two-thirds of those are operators, technicians, and maintenance crafts persons. The rest are engineers, inspectors, and other professionals. They bring a range of experience and varied backgrounds, and all are well qualified to make a significant contribution to our Torrance Refining operation. We also hired seven local university students majoring in engineering into our Summer Intern Program. Our training programs to heighten technical and operations excellence continue and will be an area of continued focus in 2023.

Our Refinery Workforce Involvement Program kept our employee volunteers busy in the year serving the community through our partnership with local nonprofit organizations. One of the highlights for our Refinery team this year was being recognized for our employee volunteerism by the Torrance-South Bay YMCA who celebrated Torrance Refining as their community partner of the year at their Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner. We’re very proud of our volunteer engagement as premier sponsor of the Y’s annual Kids Class Golf Tournament, which helped the YMCA achieve their most successful fundraising in the tournament’s 29-year history. The tournament funds summer camp for underserved children and funds youth educational programs year-round to instill confidence and teach skills to promote leadership and work readiness. This is just one of the many community activities our company supported this year.

Looking forward to 2023, I know I speak for our entire workforce when I say that we are proud to produce the transportation fuels that fuel our state’s economy, improving lives and empowering people. We will strive to continue to do so in a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible manner while supporting our community.

On behalf of my management colleagues and our employees, I send warm wishes to you and yours for a healthy, happy and blessed new year!