Just a few blocks south of the Refinery on the edge of downtown Torrance stands the Volunteer Center South Bay-Harbor-Long Beach. This 58-year old non-profit has continued to reinvent itself throughout the decades; always staying “at the heart of helping” our community. They envision a world in which the community, especially our youth, regularly experience empathy for others and are driven to respond to others’ needs through acts of kindness and volunteer service. The Torrance Refining Company (TORC) has been a long time, proud partner of their efforts.

When the pandemic began, many local non-profits were forced to close temporarily, but the Volunteer Center managed to keep their doors open, delivering an average of 2,400 meals every week to local families in need. Using special protocols, quarantining donations, and masked social distanced deliveries, they never missed a week. Over the holidays, they used new county and foundation funding to help make additional, special donations, including a holiday toy drive and restaurant gift cards.

Process Safety Supervisor Alex Holt and his family support support Food For Kids, a program of The Volunteer Center.

In April or  May, the Volunteer Center will deliver its 150,000th meal since the COVID-19 pandemic began, as part of its Food For Kids program. This remarkable milestone was made possible by the generosity of companies and families donating to and hosting food drives, including TORC Process Safety Supervisor Alex Holt and his family, as well as individuals such as Process Engineering Supervisor Heather Shohet, who donated through the Volunteer Center’s AmazonSmiles account for a safe, contact-free contribution. If your family would like to become involved with The Volunteer Center, you can learn more at www.volcenter.org.