A popular holiday song goes, “Baby, it’s cold outside…” and this rings true as the normally warm California weather turns chillier, heralding the holidays, winter, and a new year. For many of us, this means looking forward to “sweater and boots” season, a time to enjoy the warmth of our homes, snuggled under warm, fuzzy and comforting blankets. However, thousands of individuals and families in the South Bay are strangers to this level of luxury; they have no home to go to or day-to-day essentials to keep them warm on cold winter nights.

With this in mind, Torrance Refinery employees held a Winter Blanket Drive for our neighbors in need. Employees donated a multitude of colorful blankets to help bring the warmth of the holiday season to individuals and families served by Harbor Interfaith Services (HIS).

HIS is a service partner of United Way of Greater Los Angeles (UWGLA) in their efforts to house the homeless and provide support services. In fact, HIS provides shelter, food, childcare, transitional housing and other vital services to the homeless and working poor in our community. As a long-time UWGLA partner, the Torrance Refinery has proudly supported the work of HIS for many years.

The South Bay Association of Chambers of Commerce recently honored HIS as the “2020 Nonprofit of the Year.” Congratulations to HIS for the meaningful work they perform in our community to help our neighbors in need, and special thanks to our Torrance Refinery employees who shared some warmth through their caring donations.

To learn more about HIS and find way you can support their efforts, visit their website: https://www.harborinterfaith.org.

Refinery Manager Steve Steach and Community Relations Manager Barbara donate blankets