Torrance Refining Company LLC is proud to have sponsored this year’s Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce Torrance Fire Department (TFD) Appreciation and Awards event held on May 2. The event recognized civilians, staff and firefighters who demonstrated courage and a commitment to serve others through their actions, going above and beyond to save and make a difference in people’s lives.

During the recognition event, TFD Chief Martin Serna noted that TFD’s new mission has a strong emphasis on teamwork because “It really is better when we work together,” and he thanked all community partners – citizens and businesses alike. Torrance Refinery employees can attest to the value of teamwork because the Refinery’s Fire Brigade members and TFD firefighters have been working together for years to safeguard workers and the community. They train together regularly to maintain preparedness for emergency response, and as partners in safety, we join TFD in recognizing the award winners: CONGRATULATIONS we thank you for your courage and selfless action for our community!

Click here for the list of awardees