Farideh Mehrdad (Top Row, Center Left) and Jessica Demeyer (Top Row, Center Right) with the Torrance High STEM Club and other guest speakers.

Torrance Refinery Engineers Farideh Mehrdad and Jessica Demeyer attended Torrance High’s “Girl-Powered STEM Fair,” which was hosted by the Torrance High (THS) STEM Club in February. Farideh and Jessica spoke about their career paths and their experiences as engineers to over 40 THS students interested in pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics, commonly referred to as “STEM.”

The Torrance High STEM Club did a wonderful job planning and organizing a very successful event. Well done Torrance High, and thank you for including the Torrance Refinery! We also appreciate Farideh and Jessica taking time to share their personal stories with the students.