TFD engineers practice parking

Have you ever had trouble parking your car? Try parking a fire engine that’s 35-feet long. This is no easy feat. To master this skill, firefighters from the City of Torrance Fire Department (TFD/Department) need to practice to maneuver around cones, back up and make a four-point turn as part of TFD’s engineer driving test. The engineer is the firefighter who drives the fire engine.

In our continuing support of TFD, the Torrance Refinery (Refinery) recently hosted the Department’s Obstacle Course Driving Test in the Refinery’s parking lot. The Refinery routinely shares its grassy park area and parking lot space with the City’s police and fire departments for them to conduct important training activities. This is yet another way refinery management promotes cooperation and public safety by supporting the City’s emergency preparedness efforts, which is part of our commitment to earn the right to operate in communities that host us.