When the Coronavirus pandemic began impacting Californians, Governor Newsom simultaneously issued “stay at home” orders and declared the Torrance Refinery (“the Refinery”) an “essential infrastructure.” The State also deemed the Refinery’s workers to be “essential.” We are uniquely qualified to rise to the challenge of maintaining continuous, reliable operations in the face of the pandemic. Safety is at the heart of everything we do to manufacture critical products that literally fuel the state’s economy and make modern life possible.

In addition to those employees operating and maintaining the Refinery, most of our Technical and Administrative staff have been working from home. With a keen sense of teamwork, whether functioning on or offsite, they have been able to work together to keep the Refinery running safely and reliably, making affordable, high-quality fuels needed to transport essential workers and deliver critical supplies to hospitals, grocery and hardware stores, and families across southern California. In fact, many of the life-saving products that our state and the world are counting on, from facial masks to the plastics used in ventilators, hoses, IVs, and other medical equipment are made from derivatives of petrochemicals created from the raw materials from oil refining.

The Refinery’s essential workers are proud to make the refined products that fuel the global logistics (supply chain system), moving goods seamlessly from start to finish from raw materials to the products consumers want, need, and use every day. This miracle of modern logistics is generally taken for granted in many ways because the system has become so efficient and reliable.

The essential Refinery workers who produce the transportation fuels needed to keep the supply chain system moving are heroes that many tend to forget, despite the vital role they play in making everyday life possible, which is made more important today than ever before due to crippling effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the economy. Nevertheless, the system has been performing flawlessly.

At the core, it’s thanks to essential Refinery workers who produce the transportation fuels needed to keep the delivery supply chain system moving to help Californians and our modern lifestyles thrive.