In all aspects of life, there are benefits to being prepared. Knowing how to respond in case of an emergency will help reduce anxiety, fear and the losses that can accompany disasters.

In the city of Torrance, the Torrance Fire Department (TFD) plays an important role in educating the public about emergency preparedness. Torrance Refinery has supported TFD’s efforts for many years by funding the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training.

CERT is comprised of community members who learn how to assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following a disaster when professional responders are not available to immediately respond. CERT members receive education and training about potential hazards that may impact their area and basic disaster response skills.

Torrance Refinery Fire Chief Joe Alvarez who manages emergency preparedness at the facility is proud of the collaboration the refinery shares with the city on this program.  “Our refinery team understands the importance of safety and emergency preparedness, and we train regularly to maintain a high level of preparedness to protect the safety of workers and the public.  It’s natural for us to help create that same awareness for our community,” said Chief Alvarez.

TFD Emergency Manager Jeffrey Snoddy shared the following update, “In 2019, TFD’s instructors hosted three CERT classes, training 46 citizens during a three-day CERT academy based on the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s program. The immersive training includes subjects such as Search & Rescue Techniques, Splinting/Bandaging, Triage, Basic Incident Command System, and culminates with a simulated disaster drill on the final day held at the Torrance Fire Training Center located at Fire Station 2. Each CERT graduate receives a backpack, helmet, vest, and various emergency-related tools. We are grateful for TORC’s support, which helps to fund the backpacks and supplies. While CERT has been temporarily placed on hold during 2020 due to COVID-19, CERT Instructors are anxiously awaiting a return to the training grounds to ensure our citizens remain prepared for any emergency.”

Are you prepared if a disaster occurs in your neighborhood? To learn more click here to visit the Torrance CERT website.