The Torrance Refining Company LLC (TORC) is pleased to once again provide $100,000 to support teachers in the Torrance Unified School District (TUSD) through the company’s “Innovation Education Grant Program (IEGP).” This unique program seeks to enhance curricula in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, commonly known as STEAM.

A grant-selection committee comprising Torrance Refinery employee and community volunteers selected the winning grant proposals submitted by TUSD teachers. TORC thanks the following volunteers (pictured above from left to right) for their time and effort serving on the Grant Selection Committee:

Russell Akiyama, Sunflower Farms
Salvador Sanchez, Sharefest Community Development, Inc.
Manish Misra, TORC
Jeffrey Snoddy, City of Torrance Office of Emergency Services
Dr. Ramona Chang (Program Advisor), TUSD
Evan Coates, Torrance City Library
Tera Black (Program Advisor), TUSD
Tony Robinson, TORC
Vanessa Franco, TORC
Darren Stroud, TORC
Matthew Forrest, TORC
Nannette Nolan, Torrance Council of PTAs
Steve Giffin, TORC
Debbie Hays, Old Torrance Neighborhood Association
Heather Shohet, TORC
Rafael Anguiano, TORC
Edmund Golpashin, TORC
Barbara Graham (Program Advisor), TORC
Marianne Hamada, North Torrance Homeowners Association (Not pictured)
Tuski Mason, TORC (Not pictured)
Monica Sanchez, TORC (Not pictured)

In total, 37 teachers were awarded grants. They will implement their project proposals during the 2018-19 school year. To qualify, teachers were required to show a direct link to “Design Thinking” techniques, which provide solution-based approaches to problem-solving, while incorporating “Common Core” state education standards and “Next Generation Science Standards” into their proposed curriculum.

The program will culminate in June 2019, when TORC will host a special showcase event to highlight the projects funded through the program and recognize the winning teachers for their projects and programs.

Congratulations to the grant-winning teachers listed below!

Allen Chin, Adams Elementary
April Pages, Victor Elementary
Carol Hankey, Arnold Elementary
Christina Aguinaga, Victor Elementary
Christina Martin, Torrance High
Darcy Ogata, Arnold Elementary
Evalina Tena, Carr Elementary
Jay Estabrook, North High
Jennifer Walsh, Arnold Elementary
Jennifer Watanuki, Hickory Elementary
Joe Petito, Richardson Middle School
Katharina Blevins, Victor Elementary
Kathy Black, Arnold Elementary
Katie Doupe, North High
Kim Gauna, Hull Middle School
Laura Hecht, West High
Lauri Talbott, Carr Elementary
Lindsay Moretti, Casmir Middle School
Luminita Denisiu, South High
Lynette Larson, Casmir Middle School
Mathew Teaney, North High
Maureen Arevallo, Adams Elementary
Michael Atkinson, Victor Elementary
Michael Okazaki, North High
Michael Rosenberg, South High
Nancy Ton, Madrona Middle School
Patrick Donahue, Bert Lynn
Paula Paulson, Victor Elementary
Robert Patterson, Torrance High
Ron Ambro, Hull Middle School
Ronen Donde, Casmir Middle School
Sherri Nelson, Carr Elementary
Stan Masaoka, North High
Steve Jennewien, Victor Elementary
Tara Fink, Victor Elementary
Tim Magnus, Victor Elementary
Xylina Burns, Carr Elementary