Early one Saturday morning in February, Torrance Refinery employee volunteers and their families headed over to the North Torrance Little League (NTLL) ballfields. Armed with smiles, gloves, cleaning supplies, and tools, Refinery volunteers joined the NTLL families for Field Maintenance Day to create a clean and safe environment; a “field of dreams” for the young athletes’ Spring baseball season.

At the Torrance Refinery, safety is the heart of everything we do, and this value extends to the ways Refinery employees contribute to their communities. Refinery volunteers happily dedicated a few hours of their weekend helping clean the stands, dining area, snack bar, and other ballpark facilities. Others helped to flatten and mark the fields, pull weeds, paint, and make sure everyone working was doing so safely.

Torrance Refinery Maintenance Supervisor Salvador Rojas, who was joined by his family, noted, “My family and I are always happy to volunteer because this is our community too. I help maintain and fix equipment in the Refinery and I enjoy doing that type of work, so I am happy to help out and use my skills to help others. This event was also a good way for us to spend time together as a family and show our kids that being active in the community is important.”

After just a couple of hours of work, the ball park had been transformed and was ready to welcome everyone for the Opening Day ceremony scheduled for the following week. NTLL Board President Art Bonilla expressed his appreciation for the help, “Having more volunteers really helps make this work lighter and faster for all of us League parents. We’re really thankful to have the support of the Torrance Refinery team here – they were tremendous help. Thank you for being great neighbors!”

Our best wishes to all the NTLL athletes for a fun and safe season.  Play ball!

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